Nestled between the striking Sapphire Mountains and the jagged peaks of the Bitterroot, Karuna Ranch offers unparalleled access to the wild west of Montana. Built by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1909, Karuna Ranch has transitioned over the years from a retreat for university professors, a working apple orchard, to a private, family estate.

Keeping in line with the land’s rich history of community, creation, and connection, Karuna Ranch is currently undergoing a revisioning in order to best serve the land and Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy.


In 1909, Frank Lloyd Wright was hand selected to design and build a summer retreat for midwestern university professors in the Bitterroot Valley. Crafted in his characteristic Prairie-style, buildings were constructed with local materials of pine and riverstone.

While the vacation community began with high hopes, a series of unfortunate events caused the investment to cease. As time went on, the property moved through multiple hands, transitioning from a working orchard to a private residence. While not all of the original structures still stand, the remaining buildings of Karuna are a testament to the legacy of FLW’s magnificent vision to blend architecture with the awe of nature.


Surrounded by two million acres of National Forest, picturesque mountains, and beautiful Lake Como, you’ll find yourself at home as you disconnect and recharge at Karuna. Here, a stay is more than just a getaway - it’s an opportunity to reconnect with nature, yourself and to help restore the over 200 acre agriculture regeneration project preserving Frank Lloyd Wright’s original vision.